Rent a living

There are several benefits when it comes to renting instead of buying because you have less to worry about.

More more people are starting to realize that renting is probably the best thing to do because you have less maintenance costs and less things to worry about. When it comes to renting you always want to make sure that you do everything properly because if you don't then it makes things a hassle in the long run so you want to make sure you're on the same page at your landlord.

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Property management

When it comes to property management you always want to make sure that things are included such as roofing costs and construction costs if it ever came to that. Some landlords include this in some don'ts we always want to make sure that before you even think about signing any type of contract that you get this done first:

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Our guarantees

Make sure you always read the fine print. this is by far one of the most important things that you can do to ensure everything goes smoothly.

I tell people all the time of the most important thing that you could ever do is make sure you go to the fine print several times make sure that you never missed anything. Probably also want to fax a copy to your lawyer survey on anything you should be aware of.